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All bots are market (trade) bots, unless otherwise noted.

Special Bots[edit]

These are utility bots which aid in play of the game. Being familiar with them may be useful.

    • Rraisa, trinitybot and trustbot have been offline for a while and listed here for historical reasons and to make it easier to check if this page needs updating.

Riva bot Adarah[edit]

Adarah bot is a special bot in White Stone which you can trade with while you are connected to storage hence you can trade items directly to bot.

Bot search via web[edit]

There are two websites which allow you to search bots via web

  • el-services - only searches el-services bots
  • greypal - multi-source search tool, also searches optionally NPCs

Bot List[edit]

Bots come and go just like players. Bots are renamed, locked for abuse, sold and occasionally given away.