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Pickpoints are obtained through leveling Overall (combination of the experience from all skills). They can be exchanged at the Wraith on Isla Prima for Basic Attributes, Nexuses and positive Perks. The Wraith also offers negative Perks which give you additional Pickpoints should you choose to get them. You can reduce an attribute by 1 point by using an Attribute Removal Stone.

Basic and Cross Attributes[edit]

On a new character, all the Basic Attributes have the value 4. Stones allow you to lower the value for a particular Basic Attribute by 1 (returning 1 pickpoint) but not to less than 4. Basic Attributes are capped at no more than 52 for each and can be increased by exchanging pickpoints for them. Each Basic Attribute is linked to three different Cross Attributes. Cross Attributes are raised by one if you spend two pick points on the corresponding Basic Attributes. (Example: to increase Might by 1 you have to spend two pick points on either Physique or Coordination, or spend one pickpoint each). However by putting one each on Physique and Coordination you only increase Might by 1 but if you increase Physique by 2 you will increase Might, Matter and Toughness by 1 and get more out of your pickpoints - so always try keep to your attributes to even number like 4,6,8 and so on.

Since attributes are divided by 2, 3 or 4 when used, the best value for pickpoints on each attribute is 12, 24, 36 or 48. The second best values is 6, 18, 30, 42 and the third best is any value divisible by 4 (4, 8, 16, 20 etc.) and the fourth best is even values, and last and the very worst is to have attributes with odd values.

Related formulas[edit]

Cross Attribute Effect Formula
Might Maximum amount you can carry (EMU) Might*20
Matter Maximum material points (Health) Matter*5
Ethereality Maximum ethereal points (Mana) Ethereality*8
Rationality Maximum Action Points (APs) Rationality*20
Rationality 1 extra research point per minute Rationality

Cross Attribute Effect Formula
Rationality 1 extra experience in harvesting Rationality
Rationality 1 extra experience in mixing skills Rationality/2
Rationality 1 extra experience in magic spells Rationality/2
Rationality 1 extra experience in attack or defense Rationality/3
Rationality 1 extra experience in ranging Rationality/4

The effect of potions[edit]

Potions (Potion of Reasoning, Potion of Physique, Potion of Coordination, Potion of Wildness, Potion of Will and Potion of Vitality) can temporarily effect Basic Attributes resulting in changes in Cross Attributes as well. Potions do not increase all effects - you do not get more experience in quests and you can no longer increase EMU temporarily with potions, however you can increase the amount of experience you gain from mixing.