Isla Prima

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Isla Prima

Map overview[edit]

When you first awaken in the Eternal Lands, you find yourself on Isla Prima. Beginners often start by talking to the Tutorial NPC; he will try to show you around the Eternal Lands. There are various animals on Isla Prima but no monsters. It is also home of the Wraith, where you can get attributes, nexuses and perks. One of the most useful features of Isla Prima is the Beam. From every non-PK map, you can instantly teleport back to the Beam on Isla Prima by using the #beam me command.

Time to storage (advanced players): 1:20 "#beam me" to VotD storage

NPCs and Stores[edit]

  • Granny Lorpak - A old lady inside a house north of the tavern - [73,150]
  • Ios - Captain of Isla Prima ferry and Deliverer of parts for White Stone Summoning Arena - [26,32]
  • Kyra - A Elven Huntress living on the island - [153,104]
  • Lasud - Knowledgeable traveler - [66,136]
  • Newbie Storage - Storage Keeper in Isla Prima - [139,144]
  • Novac - Creature exterminator - [101,120]
  • Old man - Teaches you about Draia and it's History - [145,151]
  • Reca - Keeper of Pula's Tavern in Orasul Curvalor Town - [66,132]
  • Tutorial NPC - Teaches new players the basics of the game - [161,139]
  • Wraith - Pick Point trader - [161,153]



  • Firepit at beam (working)
  • There are two small rowboats, which will teleport you between the Tutorial NPC and the southern lake, near the swamp candles. You must stand in a particular spot on each of the rowboats.


There are only two bots permitted on Isla Prima (but neither either is online currently):

  • Prattler - Visit him at the Beam fire pit for a song or story
  • TradeBot - Owned by Learner


Secret spots[edit]

Internal maps[edit]

Exits to[edit]

This map has exits to the following maps:

By Boat
White Stone - [23,20]