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There are times in Draia when the forces of evil try to gain control over the lands. The moon turns red, and monsters invade the various maps.

There are two types of invasions: moderator-led invasions and automatic invasions. If an invasion occurs, a blue moderator announcement or a warning from the Global Invasion Warning System (GIWS) usually appears on screen.

Invasions usually happen in waves, e.g. the first wave of monsters invades map A, the second wave invades map B, the third wave invades C, and so on. Automatic invasions are finished once all monsters have been defeated in a given time span. If not, another wave will spawn elsewhere, up to a maximum of three waves. Moderator-led invasions usually take 30-60 minutes and cover as many maps, monsters and waves as the moderators have planned.

Automatic invasions[edit]

A single automatic invasion may occur 2 minutes after the beginning of each in-game hour. Their occurance is random; many days can pass without an invasion. If an invasion occurs, the course that the invasion will follow is also randomly selected.

An automatic invasion is finished when all of its invasion creatures have been defeated in a given time span. If not, another wave will spawn elsewhere, up to a maximum of three waves.

Global Invasion Warning System[edit]

Automatic invasions will occur without warning unless players donate gold coins every 30 real life days to the Global Invasion Warning System (GIWS). Donations for the funding of the system are accepted by Mesterul Manole at the Lakeside Village docks in White Stone. Donations from all players are combined into one large amount to pay the monthly maintenance fee. Any single donation that exceeds 20k gold coins will be broadcast. When active, the GIWS broadcasts a server-wide warning to all players for all automatic invasions occuring that game-month.

The initial activation took 8 million gold coins, 1 million sulfur and 500 hydrogenium bars. The monthly maintenance fee for the maximum level of warnings is 200,000 gold coins. There are four (or five if you will) levels of efficiency for the GIWS, depending on funds:

  • Inactive (funding less than 50k gold coins): The system becomes inactive, and no warnings are broadcast when any automatic invasions occur. It can be reactivated by paying the monthly fee.
  • Level 0 (funding at or above 50k gold coins): The system broadcasts a warning when the third (final) wave of monsters spawns at 14 minutes after the new hour. (For dragon invasions, this probably means the third map of the invasion.)
  • Level 1 (funding at or above 100k gold coins): The system broadcasts a warning when the second wave of monsters spawns at 8 minutes after the new hour.
  • Level 2 (funding at or above 150k gold coins): The system broadcasts a warning when the first wave of monsters spawns at 2 minutes after the new hour.
  • Level 3 (funding at or above 200k gold coins): At the highest level, the system broadcasts a warning at the beginning of the hour, 2 minutes before the invasion starts.

At each level, the system will also broadcast the warnings of each level below it.

Possible courses[edit]

Moderator-led invasions[edit]

Moderator-led invasions are announced via blue moderator broadcast messages. The announcements usually list the maps where the invasion will occur along with the maps that will be safe. The maps, creatures, and level caps are all decided by the team of moderators leading the invasion. These invasions usually last 30-60 minutes, start with low-level creatures, and gradually rise in difficulty, sometimes up to Giants (and, if Roja or Entropy participate, even Dragons). Commonly, high level invasions are held in Bethel and Southern Kilaran.

Here is an example of a moderator announcement:

#Message from Thyralax: The monsters are INVADING NOW! Tarsengaard (under 40's), Morcraven marsh (under 60's), Ida Mines (under 80's) North Red Moon (under 110's)...
#Message from Thyralax: Melinis (under 130's) Aeth aelfan (under 150's) Bethel (any). All other maps will remain safe. Good luck all!

Level caps[edit]

During a moderator-led invasion, the moderators may enforce level caps on the maps where the invasion will occur. A level cap is a restriction whereby only players whose average of attack and defense levels is below or equal to the cap are allowed to participate in the invasion on that particular map. In mathematical terms:

cap >= (attack + defense) / 2

In the example above, Tarsengaard is capped at level 40, Morcraven Marsh at level 60, etc. A level cap is only related to a player's attack and defense levels. It is not related to the creatures which will spawn on that map. However, the difficulty of the creatures that spawn is usually within the range of the level cap placed on that map.

If you exceed the level cap for a particular map, the invaders will not attack you, nor will you be able to attack the invaders. Level caps help to pair players with creatures by difficulty level so that almost any player, from newbie to high-level, may participate in an evenly-matched environment.

If you're over cap, your allowed to watch the invasion, but cannot remote heal/heal summons/smite summons/save death bags/take death bags/take monster bags or do anything interfering with the fighting between monsters and players within cap.


Unlike normal creatures, invasion creatures have red names and never ignore you, no matter how high your defense level is or whether you have the Monster Magnetism Perk or Cloak. They also have a higher chance of dropping rare items.

Special drops[edit]

Invasion creatures drop some special rare items:

The chance to get one of these increases with the strength of the creature, with the exception of the Invisible Rat. However, invasion creatures do not drop their normal counterparts' rare drops; that is, the items above are the only rare items that are dropped by invasion creatures. If they do not drop a rare item, invasion monsters drop their normal counterparts' regular items like small amounts of gold coins, bones, etc.


As a rule of thumb, the Isla Prima (IP) map is always safe during invasions. Indoor storages are safe as well. Hidden invasions can occur in inside maps, so no inside map other than those with a storage should be considered safe. A best safety practice is to always go to IP or an inside storage before logging out (since you may be surrounded by invading monsters when logging back in, if unlucky) or going long-term afk.

Before automatic invasions, the map on which the invasion will occur is usually announced. Before moderator-led invasions, a moderator usually announces which maps will be safe. You can always ask in channels 1, 2 or 6 if you did not see the announcement.

Invasions involve many aggressive creatures spawning in large groups, so it is not advisable to wear basic training equipment. Strong armour and a strong weapon are essential to surviving an invasion. Players frequently use healing spells, potions, or clothing such as the Fast Regeneration Cape.

If you see a moderator or a God (especially Mortos) be careful for the moderator running the invasion may summon a wave of creatures upon you!

Invaded monsters left[edit]

You can always check whether there are any invasion monsters roaming Draia by typing the #il command. For specific information, you can use an invasionmeter to see if there are any invasion monsters on the same map as you.