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Melee combat strength depends on many factors such as attack and defense levels, attributes, weapons, armour, some medallions, some rings, some clothes, combat books, healing ability (magic, potions, or clothing), and astrology. However, melee combat is not the only way to fight. You can fight using magic, summoning, ranging, or various items from the crafting, engineering, potions, or tailoring skills.

Therefore, the only way to know whether you can defeat a particular enemy is to fight it. For best results, focus on the combat order or ranking of creatures by difficulty. Move through the list from weakest to strongest until the creatures become too difficult for you.

Combat level[edit]

To sum forum topic up, Korrode came up with new formula back in 2009, which is more precise than old formula which is now used. Old formula was renewed after radu giving some input at channel 6.

 New formula: 3/4 REACTION + 3/4 DEXTERITY + TOUGHNESS + MIGHT + 3/4 ATTACK + 3/4 DEFENSE + 1/2 MATTER

Combat level, which is calculated at Zalic's User Stats Display Page and at Cohors Exercitus Legionis is calculated by old formula.

There is an example of difference between old and new formula and it's accuracy:

Stats Character 1 Character 2
Attack 43 55
Defense 39 62
Reaction 25 22
Dexterity 25 22
Toughness 26 18
Might 47 26
Matter 28 14
CL old formula 151.5 156.75
CL new formula 186 171.75
Ignored by Male Ogre yes no


  • Attack - Is what helps you deal damage in melee combat.
  • Defense - Is what helps you from recieving damage in melee combat.
  • Magic - Can be used to heal yourself/others, buff yourself and hurt enemies from a far (but not too far).
  • Ranging - Can be used to hurt creatures from a far, but need a clean line of sight.
  • Summoning - Can be used to create minion creatures to fight on your behalf or with you.



  • Creatures: Index of the creatures of Eternal Lands.
  • Creature statistics and attributes, brought to you by WolfWitch and friends.
  • Combat Order (Stormer's Bestiary): A progression of creatures from weakest to strongest for those who use a non-traditional build.

Other combat related topics[edit]