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Ranging (or Archery) is the use of bows/crossbows and arrows/bolts to fight at a long distance. It's used in hunting and combat. Be careful when shooting at close range; your equipped arrow usually gets destroyed if a creature counterattacks, and sometimes your bow does too.

Of the cheap bows the Short bow shoots the fastest (Speed 30) and is fairly accurate (+4 Missile accuracy) while the Crossbow shoots the slowest (Speed 20) but with the greatest accuracy (+8 missile Accuracy). The Long Bow is slower and less accurate than the Short bow (+2 Missile Accuracy) but does a little more damage. Recurve (+6 Missile Accuracy) and Elven (+10 missile Accuracy) bows are both faster and more accurate but also a lot more expensive. The Elven bow does considerably more damage than the cheaper bows.

Crossbow bolts are only 1 EMU, whereas arrows are 2 EMU.

Every 5 levels of ranging you gain +1 damage +1 range accuracy


Melee Dmg Range Dmg Missile Acc EMU Speed Human Light Modifier
Short Bow Short Bow.png 5-8 3-8 4 7 30 0 3
Long Bow Long Bow.png 5-8 6-11 2 7 23 0 3
Recurve Bow Recurve Bow.png 5-8 8-13 6 7 27 0 3
Elven Bow Elven Bow.png 5-8 12-17 10 7 27 0 3


EMU Dmg Accuracy Missile Acc Crit to Hit Light Modifier Special Damage
Training arrows Training arrows.png 2 0 0 0 0 +3 0
Pking arrows Pking arrows.png 2 30 0 +10 0 +3 0
Fire arrows Fire arrows.png 2 15 -25 -10 -15 +3 +35 Heat
Magic Arrows Magic arrows.png 2 30 -25 +15 -15 +3 +15 Magic
Ice Arrows Ice arrows.png 2 0 -25 -15 -15 +3 +40 Cold


Melee Dmg Range Dmg Missile Acc EMU Speed Human Light Modifier
Crossbow Crossbow.png 5-8 14-19 8 7 20 0 3


EMU Dmg Accuracy Missile Acc Crit to Hit Light Modifier Special Damage / Effect
Training bolts Training bolts.png 1 0 0 0 0 +3 0
Pking bolts Pking bolts.png 1 25 0 +15 0 +3 0
Fire bolts Fire bolts.png 1 10 -15 -10 -15 +3 +10 Heat, 15% chance to
do mana burn
Magic Bolts Magic bolts.png 1 10 -15 +15 -15 +3 +10 Magic, 7% chance to
deplete mana
Ice Bolts Ice bolts.png 1 10 -15 -15 -15 +3 +10 Cold, 10% chance to

Magic Weapons[edit]

These weapons have same attributes as regular weapons but also give wielder perk.


There are some Perks that are specifically designed for ranging:

Wilhelm Hood Perk
Increased accuracy of ranging weapons,
damage and ranging experience increased by 15%,
Ethereal Ranger Perk
30% chance to not lose an arrow or bolt after firing it.
Ninja Perk
80% chance that you will not become visible (if invisible) when using ranged attacks. This effect is also given by wearing the Tunic of the Ninja.
Sharp Shooter
25% more perception when ranging.

Armor piercing[edit]

The armor piercing effect in ranging is given by the AP potions. Each potion drunk increases the chance of bypassing an opponent's armor by 1% permanently, accumulative up to 60%.

The Body Piercing Perk has no effect in ranging.

Drinking 60 AP potions gives you the Armor piercer achievement.

Ranging arena[edit]

Archery Arenas provide an additional money sink for this money sink skill by providing a target that neither moves nor dies. You need to buy an Archery Arena Ticket from Nahark in Grubani Peninsula and use it to enter.

Note: Targets can be attacked but not "killed". For this reason they are separated from the players in both arenas so they cannot be directly attacked without teleporting across to where they are first. Doing the teleport to attack them is not only not recommended, and you may get in trouble with moderators for using targets for other than their intended purpose.

Training spots[edit]

Although the archery arenas are a great place to train, they are expensive and thus not always worth it. Fortunately, there are other places to train.

Optimal characteristics for a training spot:

  • Enemies need to ideally be confined within a small space.
  • There should be enough enemies to shoot at.
  • User should be somehow separated via e.g a moat, a fence or by being on an isle.
  • Good line of fire. Grass and even pebbles may disrupt it.
Place Rating Description
Isla Prima Rat Cave Okay Ideal for beginners. Rats usually die with a single hit, but may require moving around.
Portland Titanium Mines Okay Right near Glont, you got a Phantom Warrior and a Large Spider to shoot at from a safe spot.
Glacmor Ice Floe Bad Requires Teleport to Range. Not many enemies passing by.
Glacmor Sewers Bad Plenty of orcs to shoot at, but usually behind walls.