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Game days[edit]

A game day starts at 0:00 and ends at 5:59, so each day is 6 game-hours long. At the start of each new day, there is a chance to get a special day. Sunrise is at 0:30, sunset at 3:30. For example, Gargoyles in White Stone and Leonard on Irilion are usually only awake during nighttime, which is between 3:30 and 0:30.

Game hours, minutes, and seconds[edit]

Each hour in the game is split into 60 game-minutes; each game-minute into 60 game-seconds. Note that there is a slight difference between seconds in real life and the game. A game-second lasts for 61/60 real life seconds; a game-minute for 61 real life seconds; and a game-hour for 61 real life minutes. Therefore, you will experience a time shift between real life and the game.

Game time Real life time
1 second 61/60 seconds
1 minute 61 seconds
1 hour 61 minutes
1 day 366 minutes (6 h, 6 m)
4 days (for quests) 24 h, 24 m (1.017 days)
1 week 36 h, 36 m (1.525 days)
1 month 7.625 days
1 year 91.5 days

Server downtime[edit]

When the game's server is taken down (for updates, maintenance, etc.), game time is saved and paused. When the server starts, game time resumes from the time it was paused. This results in the start of the game day moving to a different time in real life.

Calendar of the Elders[edit]

The world of Draia, in Eternal Lands, uses its own calendar, known as the Calendar of the Elders. It has a year of 360 days divided into 12 months of 30 days. Each month is divided into 5 weeks of 6 days, and each day is 6 game-hours long.

Names of the months[edit]

The first month of the Elder year. It is the first month of spring, also known as the Month of Aluwen, "The birth", or "The beginning".
The second month. Time is spent planning, planting, and preparing. It is also known as "Seed-time".
Rain month. It is the end of spring, and prayers go to the hope for rain. With the aid of Centau, the lands may be blessed with water.
The month of beauty. It is the first month of summer. Flowers are abundant, and the lands are fertile. Named after Zarin, the goddess of crafting, beauty, and the arts.
Midsummer, the peak of summer, is a blessing in some parts and a hot dry month in the rain/dry season parts. Named after Elandria, the goddess of alchemy, lovers, and families.
End of summer. This is the month of the mystics, also called "Goldleaf". Wielders of the magical or arcane will feel a special bond to the lands. Named after Vias, the keeper of souls.
The beginning of autumn. Time to harvest, and also a time to remember lost ones.
Darkness falls over the lands. This is the height of decay. Supplies not prepared will rot, and animals born are likely to be freaks. Followers of Mortos, the god of attack and destruction, hold this month in high esteem.
The end of autumn and the month of wise choices. Winter is coming, and it is time to make preparations. Supplies are gathered for the winter, and many sacrifices are made to the gods.
Sometimes refered to as "The flake" or "The end", this is the beginning of winter and the rainy season.
Month of the Chimeran wolves. A harshly cold month. Even the rain forests and jungles are colder than usual.
Month of suffering and betrayal. Many deaths as supplies run out. This is the end of winter and the rainy season.

Names of the weekdays[edit]

A week has a length of 6 game-days, the names of which are Aurun, Dranun, Worun, Mortun, Zarun, and Terun.