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Skill schools are areas in Eternal Lands where a player receives an advantage when performing a certain skill.

Most skill schools work in a simple way: you mix any item of the appropriate skill, and instead of receiving the item, you receive double the experience. This applies within alchemy, potion, crafting, manufacturing, engineering and tailoring schools. The item you mix must have a recommended level greater than 0 for the school to have an effect. Failed and critically failed attempts work as usual. Mixing items of other skills than the school's specialty is not affected. On a Day of Schools, you will receive triple the experience instead of double.

For magic, there are special PK arenas where only offensive magic spells can be used. For summoning, there are arenas where the mana cost is halved. For ranging, there are arenas where a stationary creature may be targeted. There are no schools for attack, defense, or harvesting. In addition, there are some areas labeled on maps as schools but are not yet functional.


A * indicates the schools closest to storage. Some schools may not be functional, and some untested ones may be miscategorized. Please add notes and edit as appropriate.

Attack and defense[edit]

Being the skills with the fastest leveling possible at the moment, with the option to train with other players in PK areas, and with a special day that doubles the experience, these skills will most likely not get a functioning school in the usual sense.


There most likely won't be a school for this skill.



There are some magic arenas where offensive PVP spells work, but other means of PVP combat (weapons, summoning, ranging, engineering) do not. These magic arenas do not give twice the experience; they are for training with other players in a PVP environment restricted to magic only. The Mana Drain Spell does not give experience in these areas. The only way to receive twice the experience for magic is during a special day. Some magic schools also have full PK arenas where other means of combat will work. Known arena locations are:



This skill has summoning arenas where the amount of mana consumed by summoning is halved. This effect is cumulative with the Conjurer Cloak or perk, lessening the amount of consumed mana to only 1/4 for each creature.





  • Glacmor fashion runway at [275,121]


Ranging has Archery Arenas for which you need an Archery Arena Ticket to enter. The arenas have two Targets that don't die or move, thus allowing for uninterrupted shooting at the target. There's no experience bonus in these arenas.

  • Ywarstav, Grubani Peninsula, at [50,107]
  • Irsis, at [350,360] (Can be entered but not used. Targets and ticket NPC to be added in coming update)

Skill academies[edit]

Skill academies contain a storage and schools for more than one skill.

Fast reading areas[edit]

There are some areas in the game where you will read books 5 times as fast as you normally would. You must keep your food level above 0 to research just as you would anywhere else, though. Currently, there are fast reading areas in: