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This is a Wiki about the MMORPG Eternal Lands. It is maintained and enhanced by players of Eternal Lands. The wiki is not officially supported or sponsored by Eternal Lands or its staff.
We are dedicated to making this the best source of information it can be, and hope that you decide to join us in this goal.


If you wish to contribute, please sign up using your character name from Eternal Lands and follow the instructions below to get it activated:

  • Either email[at]googlemail[dot]com or contact a user with bureaucrat rights.
  • Please make sure to read the editing help before making your first contributions to the wiki.

As the game is ever-changing, the wiki is always in need of being updated, corrected or enhanced in areas that were neglected or that somebody thinks are neglected. In short your contributions are appreciated!
There's also a second way of contributing and that is helping out financially, details on that can be found here.


This project was started by the Fellowship of Celtic Woods, was hosted by DragonCairn, the Founder of the Fellowship, for almost 2.5 years and received the major part of its contributions from the Fellowship for quite a long time after the start.