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General editing help[edit]

Everything from page creation over basic editing through advanced topics is covered in this

Tutorials can be found

Eternal Lands specific editing help[edit]

  • Before creating a page, please search (use the search function) if the contents you intend to add isn't already available somewhere else.
  • Pages that describe an item of Eternal Lands should have the same name as the item, use the eye to find out the name of an item.
  • The above is true for images as well. Note that spaces and some other special characters, such as & aren't a problem in image names (however / won't work).
  • If there is already a page about something but you think it should be available under a different name as well, you can create a redirect page that links to the existing page (e.g. create a page FE that redirects to Fire Essence).
  • If unsure about how to do something, check how it's done in other places of the wiki.
  • Cross-links are the essence of a Wiki, If there is no link to a page, it doesn't exist, so remember to add cross-links to all relevant pages.
  • You can also add links to non-existent pages (again, search if the information you're linking to isn't available somewhere else in the wiki), that way other authors can see what pages are wanted.
  • Use the Show preview button to preview your work.

How to handle secrets[edit]

To log a secret you should

  • create a post in the secrets thread of our forum (see forum:173 for details).
  • Link from the page the secret belongs to to that post:
 [[forum:topic-number|Name of the Secret]]
  • topic-number is the number in the link to your topic after t=
  • and finally edit the forum post to link back to the wiki page where the secret exists.

Please see Quests for an example.


Templates provide a nice possibility to include recurring information such as navigation bars, lists of shop items etc. in pages as well as unify the appearance of the wiki.
A complete list of all templates of the wiki can be found on this page.

One template that you will definitely need when creating a new page is the FoCW Header, it creates the header of the wiki pages, this page's header was created by

{{FoCW Header|Help:Editing|Eternal Lands Wiki}}

The second argument can be left empty.

Should you need more info[edit]

If you need information about how to work with a wiki, you can try the following links for information:

  • Join the wiki channel in game 9454 (is this still in use?)
  • Have a look at other pages to see how it's done.
  • Browse the links above, the user's guide (which is also available by the Help link in the navigation box) should be more than enough.