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A detailed guide to the quests is available on the old wiki forum (login required), but don't go there if you prefer to discover the quests for yourself. (In other words, "Warning: spoilers") It contains walkthroughs and a lot of information. Most of this information can also be found with a web search.

God quests[edit]

Main page: Gods

These quests are available from the priest in the temple of that God. Be aware that, after you start the God quest, you will initially have an experience penalty. Only after completing the god quests, will you get up to 20% extra xp. You can get blessings from the priest, prices depend on the God. Some gods have additional benefits, such as extra xp, healing or items. Look at the respective God Quest pages for more information.

NPC quests[edit]

All links go to the forums where you will need an account to view the page. See the Main Page for requirements.

Easy quests[edit]

Anyone can do these.

Daily quests[edit]

Advanced quests[edit]

Most of these quests require some levels and/or a fair amount of gold coins (gc) before being able to finish them.

Break quests[edit]

These require breaking perfectly working armor and weapons for various NPCs who want to test armor or weapons.

Tutorial mixing quests[edit]

These quests require you to make many items in increasing difficulty in a specific school for each skill, with a large experience bonus at completion. It requires high levels of nexus to complete. Many rare and expensive items are required.

Global Quest[edit]

This is a special quest that requires teamwork to complete. The reward is also not individual, but designed as a long-lasting good special day. See the Global Quest page for more detailed description.