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Though oft derided for being vile necromancy, the summoners art is a potent force that can quickly turn the tides of any battle.


  • The Attack and Defense of summons are based on the creature's natural Attack and Defense and the Summoning Level. There is a "cap" at Summoning Level 100, where summons have their natural Defense and twice their natural Attack.
    • Attack = (Creature's natural Attack) * {1 + (Summoning Level / 100)}
    • Defense = (Creature's natural Defense) * (Summoning Level / 100)
    • Example: At Summoning Level 50 a summoned Cyclops (natural Attack/Defense 80/80) will have 120 Attack and 40 Defense.
  • Charm increases the chance to summon two creatures for the price of one, it also increases critical to hit and critical to damage rates for summons. Charm is a Cross-Attribute given by Instinct and Vitality.

Comment by Aredhel: - I have got some evidence from trying to calculate a summon's a/d from a test fight, that both this formula here and the other formula on the CEL page might be incorrect. - A rough formula I can come up with which gives better matches to our test results is this one:

    • Attack = (Creature's natural Attack) * (100 + (Summ Level/2))%
    • Defense = (Creature's natural Defense) * (50 + (Summ Level/2))%
    • Example1: At summoning Level 45 a summoned Polar Bear (natural a/d 70/70) will have 85 attack and 50 defense
    • Example2: At summoning Level 70 the Polar Bear will have 94 attack and 59 defense

So the def ranges from half to full (instead of zero to full) and the attack ranges from full to 1.5 times the normal attack, speaking levels.



  • Conjurer Perk - Mana cost is halved for summoning
  • The Summoner Perk - +10% to your creature's Attack and Defense, as well as +5 to its critical to hit and its critical to damage

Instant Summons[edit]

Summoning instant summons requires animal nexuses, a positive food level and consumes ethereal points (mana). While engaged in combat you cannot summon.

Summoning Arenas[edit]

When summoning in summoning arenas, mana cost for instant summons is halved. The effect is cumulative with the Conjurer Perk or Conjurer Cloak. Instant summons consume only 25% of the original mana cost this way. However you still need to have the full ethereal points required in order to successfully summon.

Locations on Seridia:

  • Southern Kilaran 25px.png Southern Kilaran - in the northwest - [45,165]
  • Tahraji Desert 25px.png Tahraji Desert - Matajin Summoning Arena on the west island, accessed from the Ruins of Matajin on the mainland
  • White Stone 25px.png White Stone - south of Grahm's Village - [166,102] (it is possible for creatures to be summoned outside of arena).

Locations on Irilion:

Summons list[edit]



Numbers in () are the animal nexus required to summon creature. Numbers in square brackets [] are recommended summoning levels. At 17 levels or more below recommended the success rate is 0. At 16 below you have a rate of a few percent, at recommended it should be about half.

Summoning Stones[edit]

Summoning stones can be used while engaged in combat. Using them does not require any nexus, positive food level nor does it consume ethereal points (mana). Making them consumes food.
Believe all Summoning stone books require to read Purple Book.png Book of Advanced Summoning. It did on the three books I tested. ---- Saxum

Summon Behavior[edit]

In order to set your summon creature's behavior click on one of your summons with the use icon.
This requires summoning level 30 or higher and brings up the following menu.
The setting is persistent. Creatures already engaged in combat won't change their behavior.


Glyphs are items that allow you to change your shape, and thus getting the advantages and disadvantages of another shape. The production of these glyphs falls under the summoning skill.

Currently one can make and use:

Phoenix Glyphs are also available from the EL shop. In the future, small dragons may become available as a shapeshifting creature.