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Shortcut keys and mouse combinations[edit]

Note: Shortcut keys can be changed by editing the file key.ini in your data directory (possibly also by creating a copy in your settings directory, not sure). Please make sure to only replace key combinations with other key combinations, otherwise you'll most likely make the game crash. A list of commands and keys, see this topic.

Below you'll find the default shortcut keys:

Switches to console mode and from console mode to regular view
Opens the last seen URL (internet address) in the browser you've set in Options|Misc.
Use the URL list to open previous links (button on the left)
Toggle cloud shadows
Opens a window with the rules
Toggles transparency of the sidebar (doesn't work while in console mode)
Starts a particle test, only you can see it; will disappear on map change.
Tab, tabulator
Switches to map view and from map view to regular view
Left, Right arrow keys, middle mouse button
Shift-Left, Shift-Right arrow keys
Up, down arrow keys
Page Up, Page Down
Insert, Delete
Toggle attributes window
Toggle buddy list
Copy selected text
select text by clicking and holding the left mouse button and dragging the mouse
also available by context menu (right mouse button)
Toggle opaque windows
Toggle encyclopedia window
Toggle help window
Toggle inventory window
Toggle knowledge window
Switch mouse cursor to "look" (eye)
Toggle manufacturing (mix) window
Toggle notepad window
Toggle options window
Take and save a screenshot
Quit the game (without confirmation required)
Toggle magic/sigils/spells window
Toggle ranging windows
Switch mouse cursor to "use" (pointy finger)
Switch mouse cursor to "walk"
Ctrl-v, Shift-Insert
Insert text from the clipboard
If you've set the option "Use clipboard for pasting" in Options/Misc, you can copy text from EL to other applications and vice versa.
Toggle the session tab of the statistics window
brings back previously inserted messages and commands (last one first)
let's you go down in the list of previous messages and commands, if you went up with Ctrl-up
Auto-completion for names and commands.
The recognized commands are located in commands.lst in the data directory.
Needs at least one letter to start out from
Keep Ctrl key pressed to toggle through options
Ctrl-Page Up|Page down
Change to previous|next channel.
Goes through View All and GMs as well; @ sends messages to the last "real" channel if you select GMs or View All.
Ctrl-1 to 6
Use the item in quick-slot 1 to 6
Quick-slots are the first 6 horizontal entries in the inventory window
Ctrl-Left mouse button
Drop all of the items in the inventory slot you selected (works with quick-slots as well).
Ctrl-Right mouse button
In regular view: Walk to the selected spot and do not attack Creatures or Players.
Prevents accidentally attacking entities that you have to pass.
Also see Map view below.
Enable Rang Lock while you press Alt
Toggles the material points numbers for the green bars over characters and creatures
Toggle the last open windows
Doesn't work for accessible storage window or bags (these do not open again)
Toggles first person view
Toggles health bar
Toggles mini-map
Toggles names of characters, creatures and NPCs
Toggles "Overtext" (display local chat above player's head)
Toggles Ranging Lock
Toggle sitting/standing
Toggles windows on top
Exits the game without further confirmation
Alt-1 to 6
Access quickspell bar spells 1 - 6 (numbered top down)
This is currently broken, toggles full screen.
Toggles the "AFK mode"
Alt-Page Up|Page down
Scroll Chat History to the top|bottom.
clears current text input


Hold down the Ctrl-Key and click on an item
All stacked items will be droped into a bag, no matter which number is selected
Hold down the Alt-Key and click on an item
The items will be put into storage.
Double click on an item to wear it.
Hint: Only works when no item of that class is already equipped.

Map view[edit]

Right mouse button
places a map mark, type text for the mark and finish with the enter key
Hint: If you place numbers on the map and a explaining legend on the side of the map you won't cluster your map.
Mark filter: Press Ctrl-F then the text of the map marks on your map you want to see. All other map marks are hidden until you delete the filter text or press Esc.
Ctrl-Right mouse button


Toggles sigils window (for casting spells)
Left mouse button
Repeat last successfully cast spell
Shift-left mouse button
Shift-right mouse button
Ctrl-right mouse button

URL list[edit]

Hold down the Ctrl-Key and click on an URL
The URL will be delteted from the list.

Text commands[edit]

Sends an abuse report to the moderating staff that is currently online
Use this only to report rule breaking
Make sure to include your location, the name of the rule breaker and what he is doing.
Do not abuse #abuse!
Shows current status of things needed to get achievements such as number of creatures at each level killed, dailies done, etc.
Counts are limited. Daily and Lucky counts max at 251, harvests and kills at 65001.
#afk [<message>]
Puts you into AFK mode and optionally sets the AFK message, if included.
#alias number text
Let's you define an alias
number is any number from 0 to 99
text is a text, you can add parameters starting from 0 to 99 (?) as $number
#0..99 let's you access your alias, pass parameters in "" if they are more than one word long.
#alias 0 @Greetings $0. $1 is a great source of information!
#0 friends "The Eternal Lands Wiki"
The above example sends Greetings friends. The Eternal Lands Wiki is a great source of information! to your active channel.
see #unalias below to remove aliases.
lists all your current aliases
Lists your combat related statistics from your equipment, see #arm for a full description and explanation.
#beam me [up]
Transports you from any non-PK map to the Beam on Isla Prima. The 'up' is optional. Does not work while you are fighting.
a simple built-in calculator. The variables Lnn expand to the required XP to reach the level nn and can be used to calculate the necessary XP to get to a certain level
#calc 2*(1+5)/7 = 1.71 (elementary arithmetic)
#calc L42-L36 = 503729 (difference of exp)
#calc L42 = 1043236 (absolute exp from L0)
#calc 11%3 = 2 (modulo)
#cast_spell number
Cast the spell identified by number, incomplete list, do not use this to cast spells you don't have the necessary Sigils to cast. Also see #show_spell below.
#chat_to_counters [yes]
Rebuild counters by scanning chat_log.txt for break and miscellaneous event messages. This may take some time and may cause lag. Current break/event values will be reset. Action is only started if yes is appended to the command. Usually there is no need to use this command.
#change_pass old_pass new_pass
Correct usage is:"#change_pass old_pass new_pass" No quote marks, of course. Replace old_pass and new_pass with your old and new passwords. They should also be between 4 and 16 characters long.

Count In channel - count number in each channel subscribed and report how many in channel
You are on channel #3, and there are currently 95 players on this channel.
You are on channel #100120, and there are currently 10 players on this channel.
Your active channel is #100120
Display current date
Display if current day is a special day if so
Exits the game without further questions.
Display you levels and how many left to next level of all skills.
#find text
finds the most recent appearance of text.
resending the command (use ctrl-up) gets the next recent appearance.
Stops you from seeing messages from bots in channels.
You will still see messages from bots in local chat and in PMs.
Tells you how many hours since participated in invasion
Lists the number of currently alive invasion creatures. This command only gives very unspecific info of the form "There are <n> invaded monsters left."
#knowledge or #know
Displays all books. Those in white have been read and those in gray have not been read.
#know [<string>]
Displays books containing the text string. Again, those in white have been read and those in gray have not been read.
Example: #know garg will display those books with the letters "garg" in them.
#know -k [<string>]
Displays all books known - if string is supplied if will only list those which match string.
Example: #know -k sword of will all books you know that contains the phrase "sword of".
#know -r [<string>]
Displays all books that you have read - if string is supplied if will only list those which match string.
Example: #know -r Blue will display all books that you have read that contain the word "Blue".
#know -u [<string>]
Displays all books unknown - if string is supplied if will only list those which match string.
Example: #know -u helm will display all books that you do not know that contains the word "helm".
#know -t
Displays number of books known.
Lists the Gods you serve.
Lists the Perks you have either having taken or due to items.
#mark text
Place a mark text on the map at your current position. The map will show up in the game window if you have 3D markers enabled, but will not show up in the mini map. You can put marks in arbitrary places on the map using the tab map.
Remove marks using #unmark or using Ctrl-RMB in the tab map.
#marker_color [options]
without options this command shows the current marker color.
options can be either a color name (red, dark_red, blue, light_blue, dark_blue, green, dark_green, yellow, dark_yellow, purple, dark_purple, grey, brown, orange) or a RGB value, that is three numbers, each from 0 to 255, indicating the red green and blue values of the color you want to set, e.g. "#marker_color 230 143 19" sets your marker color to an orange color.
Changing the marker color has no effect on existing markers, they will retain their color(s).
#markpos [xpos],[ypos] [text]
Place a mark text on the map at your specified position
#open_url URL
Opens the webpage specified by URL in your browser.
Exits the game without further questions.
Check Server latency
Shows your current PK score, number of fights, wins and losses.
For every kill/death in PK fights you earn/lose some PK points (how many depends on the opponents score), this applies only if the fighters have an attack+defence greater than 130.
Displays the book/knowledge that you are currently researching and the estimated time for completion.
#set_privacy on/off
Change your privacy. If it's "on", nobody would see your stats or can't add his/her buddy list.
Display the name and number of the last spell, which you may use with #cast_spell to recast the spell.
Display System Statistics
i.e. Server Uptime: 0 days, 22 hours,35 minutes
Max players: 1800, Logged players: 390, Pending players: 1, Available: 1410
#storage or #sto
Display read only version of storage - it will interrupt harvesting and mixing
Display current time
#unalias number
Unbinds the alias number number, where number is any number from 0-99 that you've assigned an alias to.
#unmark text
Remove map mark "text"
Trigger an update of the custom clothing files.
Shows the status on official and unofficial custom clothing by reporting errors and giving information how many percent of custom updates have been already downloaded.

Chat system[edit]

#jc #
Join channel #
#lc #
Leave channel #

You can only be in 3 different channels at any given time, #gm doesn't count as a channel You can also join some default channels with the channels menu in the upper left

Guild commands[edit]


#guild_info <guild short name>
provides data about the guild whose "Tag" or short name is used.
#join_guild <guild long name>
is how a person can apply to join an existing guild. At least one level 20 or over skill (not overall) is required to join any guild.

Guild masters only[edit]

Allows the transfer of owners of a guild from one person to another.
Only the guild owner can issue this command, which in effect will destroy the guild.
#make_guild <guild short name>
Allows you to create a guild. You must supply a four character short name for the guild, have a skill (not overall level) 39 or over and 30,000gc in your inventory, not your storage.
#set_name <guild long name>
This command sets the name that folks will need to type when they wish to join your guild.

Rank 19[edit]

#set_short_name <guild short name>
Allows you to change the guild's tag after the guild has been created.
#remove <player name>
Kick a person out of the guild. They will be able to join any guild they wish immediately on removal.
#rank <player name>
will display the rank of your fellow guild member
#change_rank <player name> <rank>
"Change someone's rank/privilege"

Rank 18[edit]

#set_guild_color <guild short name> <color name>
Allows you to set the colours of guild tags as viewed by members of your guild. This does not effect how others see your tag. For a list of color names see #marker_color above.
#set_ally_guild <guild short name>
Allows you to set a guild as ally.
Members of your guild aren't able to attack members and summons of your allies.
Your guild's summons will still attack summons of allied guilds in summon arenas (and only there).
Guild merchant NPCs can offer different prices to allies.
#unset_ally_guild <guild short name>
Allows you to remove ally status from guilds, your members and summons will be able to attack the other guild's members and summons in PK (as usual).

Rank 15[edit]

#accept <player name>
Accepts a new member into the guild, they must have applied to join before this command will work.

Rank 10[edit]

Your guilds description as it will appear when you check the #guild_info
Your guilds minimum requirements to join as listed in the #guild_info
Your guilds URL (website) as it will appear when you check the #guild_info

Rank 6[edit]

#ig <short guild name>
Inter-Guild messaging system allowing your guild to communicate with another guild.

Rank 5[edit]

#gm <message>
Send a message to the guild, in blue color.
Display the list of all members of the guild you are in.
Useless unless you are in guild.

All guild members[edit]

Leave your guild.
has to be typed twice as a safeguard.
Now you can rejoin with no delay.
Will display your rank in the guild
Display all the guild colors that have been changed from default.
Display the list of your guild's allies.

Disabled Total War guild commands[edit]

Total War has been disabled due to abuse

Rank 18[edit]

#set_enemy_guild <guild short name>
Allows you to declare Total War on a guild.
Your guilds Combatants will be able to attack the enemy's guild combatants on all maps at night if the declaration is mutual.
Needs 1k gc in your inventory.
Guild merchant NPCs can offer different prices to enemies.
#unset_enemy_guild <guild short name>
Allows you to declare peace with a guild you were at total war with.
Needs 5k gc in your inventory.

All guild members[edit]

Display the list of your guild's enemies in Total War.
Allows you to participate in Total War with your guild's enemies (this is off by default).
Note: There is no way to determine if you're already set as combatant or pacifist.
!! Do not do at prompting of others, safer to #leave_guild if not sure and rejoin later
Allows you to be pacifist in Total War.
Enemies can't attack you outside of PK (this is on by default).
You need 50k gold coins in your inventory for this command.
Note: There is no way to determine if you're already set as combatant or pacifist.
!! Do not do at prompting of others, safer to #leave_guild if not sure and rejoin later
If you are already a pacifist and use this command, you will still lose the 50k gold coins.
Shows the number of frags in Total War for your guild.

Command line commands[edit]

Choosing the server[edit]

You can modify the servers in the server.lst file in the data directory, e.g. when using port forwarding.

Connects to the main server
this is the default behavior, the argument is optional
settings and chat logs will be stored in a sub-folder main of your settings folder
Connects to the test server
settings and chat logs will be stored in a sub-folder test of your settings folder
Connects to the PK server
settings and chat logs will be stored in a sub-folder pk of your settings folder (this is an assumption)
Connects to the main server using Learner's proxy
Useful when your ISP blocks port 2000 and you can't connect to the game, contact Learner for details