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The information on this page is compiled from the thread on the Eternal Lands Forum.

General information[edit]

This will probably be common for all instances:


There is a dedicated subforum for instances NOT used very often where you can get and post valuable info, organize teams or post your pics. This wiki also has a section devoted to guides about instances.

Entering the instance[edit]

  • Go to Morcraven Marsh Battle Hall. There, you will find Ilie.
  • Before talking to Ilie, talk with the other players to decide which players will enter as a group. The group must stand or sit close to Ilie.
  • Once the group is together, all members of the group must join a common channel and then click on the channel's tab to set it as the active channel. The channel number must be higher than 1000.
  • After all members of the group have joined a common channel, one player can talk to the NPC and choose to enter an instance. Then, everyone from that group will go. Groups are determined by channel number, so every member must set the group channel as the active channel.
  • You can ONLY enter an instance if your average of attack and defense is within the designated range. The exact formula is (a+d)/2, if result is a fraction, truncated to next lowest integer. Example: if you have att 79 and def 82, the result is 80.5, which would enable you to visit both the swamp (60-80) and the mountain (80-100) instance. Drinking potions to increase your att/def can help you to get into the next higher league, however, drinking att or def REDUCTION pots won't achieve anything.

Inside the instance[edit]

  • There is a time limit to complete each instance.
  • If you die with a Rostogol Stone, you will respawn at the beginning of the instance.
  • If you die without a Rostogol Stone, there is no way to re-enter the instance.
  • There are no storages inside an instance.
  • There are 5 waves of monsters, each one spawning shortly after the current wave monsters are killed.
  • The #ii command will display instance information
  • If you log off while inside an instance, you will appear inside in the instance when you log in again, unless the instance ended.
  • If the number of players goes lower than 3 inside the instance map (for any cause), the instance will end.

Leaving the instance[edit]

  • The instance ends if the instance is completed, or if the time limit of 200 minutes to finish is over. The instance will be canceled and participants teled out if the number of players in the map falls below 3 ppl.
  • Each map has an exit in the shape of a cave entrance.
  • Dying without a Rostogol Stone will make you leave the instance.
  • WARNING: On no-rosto days you will drop your stuff and go to the underworld if you die in an instance. However, the rosto won't disapppear.
  • You can only enter an instance once every 150 (ice), 160 (mountain), 180 (swamp) hours, or 96 (dungeon) hours. Type #ii to see how long it has been since you last entered an Instance.
  • You can reduce the waiting time for the ice, mountain, and swamp instances you have remaining by giving Ilie one of the following:
  • Note: multiple scales can be used to remove all of your waiting time.

Specific information[edit]

Swamp instance 60-80 a/d, 180 hours[edit]

Swamp Instance (from Burned Maps)

Mountain instance 80-100 a/d, 160 hours[edit]

Mountain Instance (from Burned Maps)

Second Swamp instance 100-120 a/d, 180 hours[edit]

Swamp Instance (from Burned Maps)

Second Mountain instance 120-140 a/d, 160 hours[edit]

Mountain Instance (from Burned Maps)

Ice instance 120+ a/d, 150 hours[edit]

Ice Instance (from Burned Maps)

Dungeon instance 110+ a/d, 96 hours[edit]

Dungeon Instance (from Burned Maps)


  • Apparently the drops are good, with a 50% chance to get either a nexus or day stone. (In the Dungeon Instance). The First Mountain Instance & The Dungeon Instance are widely the most profitable. The Second Swamp Instance, Ice Instance and Second Mountain Instance profitability can vary quite dramatically with Instance Updates. The First Swamp Instance is almost always a break even or meager profit, with losses being fairly common.
  • There are some special instance-only creatures
  • Ranging is very useful inside the instances, and a requirement for some later ones, such as the Dungeon Instance.

The logic behind sharing[edit]

We first need to recognize what items can to be shared and which proportions are calculated individually for the players. It is clear that the gained gold coins and values for items must be summed.

Subsequently, gold coins which players have spend, must first of all be subtracted in total. The result is divided by the number of eligible players.

The individual expenses are added to the outcome of this calculation. The number of gold coins from this calculation is again reduced by gold coins which is given in form of an item to the player respectively.

It is important to understand that the recources brought inside are directly and fully paid and thus at the end of the instance, the remaining recources belong to the group and no longer to the individual. Hence they can be shared among the players.

For a correct calculation the sequence of steps must be followed. Happy sharing : )

The Formula[edit]

There are some sophisticated instance share calculators. The basic formula can be written like this: