Blue Dragon

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This monster ignores Monster Magnetism Perk and Cloak! It has 100 Point Defense and natural defense to arrows.

Attack/Defense: 180/180
Health Points: 9000
Mana Points: 0
Ignore level: none
Summonable: No
Smite Power: 65 damage to summons on a 9 x 9 square !
Area Damage: 5200 damage / 5 sec
Achievement: Very High


Blue Dragon (picture from Official Game Art)


Irilion (C2)
Blue Dragon Cave
Pr0 Instance
WTF???111?! Instance


Normal Drops
0-7000 Gold coins
1 Blue Dragon Scale
0-110 Point Defense
Rare Drops
1 Enriched Fire Essence 1 Enriched Life Essence
1 Rostogol Stone 1 Serpent Stone
1 Book of Accuracy 1 Book of Poison Antidote
1 Titanium Long Sword

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