Forest Chimeran

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See also: Chimeran


Attack/Defense: 110/100
Health Points: 250
Mana Points: 50
Ignore level: Defense 111
Summonable: No
Respawn Time: 37 seconds
Achievement: High


Forest Chimeran (picture from Official Game Art)


Seridia (C1)
Grubani Peninsula
Ruins of Tirnym
Irilion (C2)
Nymorq Wood Cave
Emerald Cave
Willowvine Forest
Advanced Instance


Normal Drops
0-100 Gold coins
Rare Drops
1 Steel Axe Construction
1 Book of True Sight
5 True Sight Potion
Very Rare Drops
1 Moon Medallion 1 Cape of Passive Camouflage
1 Stars Medallion 1 Mirror Cloak
1 Serpent Stone 1 Monster Magnetism Cloak
1 Enriched Life Essence 1 Body Piercing Cloak
10 Potion of Extra Mana 1 Titanium Chain Mail
1 Book of Serpent Sword of Fire 1 Fur Boots

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