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Advancement in the skills of Eternal Lands is determined by experience gained through the pursuit of a particular skill. As a character earns experience he progresses through levels which in turn are used to determine chances of success in "mixing" skills, combat related statistics, such as chance to hit and "ignore levels", and in Magic certain levels are required before a character may attempt to cast a particular spell.

Experience depends on Rationality and can be further increased in up to three compatible skills by serving the Gods.

The progression in experience needed for the next level is an exponential one with drops in the growth rate at the levels 10, 20, 30, 40 and 90.

A listing of levels, experience, differences as well as notes on recommended, required and ignore levels is available at CEL.

The #calc command can operate with levels, e.g.

#calc L12-L8

will result in the experience needed to progress from level 8 to level 12.

Note, that Mules have levels as well, but they are determined by how long a character stayed shapeshifted.