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There were changes made to many maps, some quite large, so locations, harvestables, NPCs, travel times, etc may have drastically changed and not been updated in Wiki.

See also: Travelers' guide to Draia (a.k.a. Getting Around) and How to install custom maps. (Use at your own risk!)


Minor maps are only listed if they are not considered to be secrets.

Seridia (Continent 1)[edit]

Map Internal Map
Desert Pines (DP) Coal Cave
Crystal Caverns (CC)
Grubani Peninsula (GP)
Isla Prima (IP) Isla Prima Cave ("Rat Cave")
Kilaran Field (PK) (KF)
Morcraven Marsh (MM) Morcraven Marsh Caves
Naralik (NK) Naralik Catacombs
Nordcarn (NC) North Cave (PK)
South Cave ("Ruby Cave")
Portland (PL) Eastern Cave ("Sapphire Cave")
Titanium Mines
Ruins of Tirnym (RoT)
Southern Kilaran (SKF) Carmien Manor
Tahraji Desert (PK) (TD) Tahraji Dragon Cave
Tarsengaard (TG) Magic School
Gargoyles Cave
Valley of the Dwarves (VotD) Abandoned Temple
Gold Mines
White Stone (WS) Diamond Cave
Tirnwood Undergrounds‎
Vermor Castle

Irilion (Continent 2)[edit]

Map Internal Map
Aeth Aelfan (AA) Aeth Aelfan Cave
Lothalith Fortress
Wyrmgoth Underground
Arius (Ar) Arius Caves
Arius Magic School
Bethel (Beth) Bethel Cave (PK)
Bethel Mine
Egratia Point (EP)
Emerald Valley Trade Route (EVTR or EV)
Glacmor (Glac) Waveneck Caves
Hulda (PK) (Hul)
Hurquin (Hur) Hurquin Cave
Hurquin Crypt
Idaloran (Ida) Idaloran Mines
Imbroglio Islands (PK) (II)
Irinveron (Irin) Irinveron Caves
Irsis (Ir)
Iscalrith (Isc) Iscalrith Dungeon
Isle of the Forgotten (IotF)
Kusamura Jungle (KJ or Kus) Coal Mine
Melinis (Mel)
North Redmoon (NRM or NRI)
Palon Vertas (PV) Northern Cave (Taurgis' Smithery) ("ogre Cave")
Southern cave
Port Anitora (PA) Irilion Docks
Sedicolis (Sedi) Merciful Tears
South Redmoon (SRM or SRI) South Redmoon Mines
Mount of Sorrow
Thelinor (Thel) Thelinor Caves (PK)
Trassian (Tras)
Willowvine Forest (WF) Willowvine Forest Cave
Willowvine Forest Skill Academy
Zirakinbar (Zirak) Azghal Castle
North Zirakgunda
South Zirakgunda

Portal Rooms[edit]

Seridia Portal Room
Irilion Portal Room


Seridia Underworld
Irilion Underworld

Other Maps[edit]

Hall of Outhouses


Some approximate spawn point coordinates for creatures are listed at the ends of lines on the Map pages. However, once they are spawned, creatures can wander anywhere on their map.