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Irilion is the second continent (C2) in Eternal Lands. It is much more dangerous than Seridia (C1).

Going to Irilion[edit]

There are multiple ways to go to Irilion:

  • The conventional way is to take a boat there, but this boat isn't easy to find. First, you must go to a house in White Stone. This house is located at [531,55]. Go into the house, and you will see a hole in the ground. Go into the hole, and you will emerge on a beach on the other side of a rock wall. You must cross over the water to get to an island. Move your camera to see the island, and click on the island to walk there. On that island, in a cave, speak with Sarma to complete your journey, which will take you to Port Anitora for a charge of 100 gc (or 250 gc if you have the Antisocial Perk).
  • The fourth way is thru the Ruins of Tirnym crypt secret.

Returning to Seridia[edit]

You can type #beam me to return to Seridia if you haven't killed Scotty. You can also go back the way you came, either by using the boat in Port Anitora, using a Seridia ring, or using the Intercontinental Teleport to Portals Room Spell.

Note: Dying will not take you back to Seridia. There are different underworlds for Seridia and Irilion.


There are a few dangers that Irilion presents which Seridia generally does not:

Leonard (alpha)[edit]

During the night hours (3:30-0:30), this killer leopard named Leonard, affectionately known as Lenny, may be outside on any Irilion map. He ignores the Monster Magnetism Perk and cloak, and he is very powerful, with additional AI for chasing weak players and running from strong ones.

MM ignoring monsters[edit]

A few monsters, all of which abide on Irilion, ignore the Monster Magnetism Perk and cloak. These include Arctic Chimeran, Red Dragon, Black Dragon and Ice Dragon. Fortunately, they are all located in remote areas either in Hulda, in the furthest points of Imbroglio Islands, or underground via secrets.

Cold damage[edit]

A few maps have arctic-like conditions which will cause varying degrees of cold damage. Wearing enough fur clothes or leather armour will stop the damage.

Heat damage[edit]

While exploring within certain places, you may also come across heat damage. This can usually be countered completely by wearing a set of leather armor (Leather Boots, Leather Pants, Padded Leather Armor, Leather Helm). Leathers also provide protection against the cold.

Other damage[edit]

Much rarer is radiation and magic damage. For example, poison gas exists in parts of Zirakinbar and northwest Aeth Aelfan.


There are several unmarked PK arenas/areas in Irilion, as well as plenty of marked ones. Check the encyclopedia in game for hopefully the most up-to-date list of PK maps, as things do change now and then.


As mentioned above, Irilion has its own underworld. It is larger than Seridia's underworld and may take you a longer time to return to where you died. Irilion in general takes a lot longer to traverse, so knowing your way around the maps or using the portal room will make your time in Irilion much easier.

Players who die on Irilion will go to the underworld and leave a death bag regardless of their level.