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There are basically two ways of supporting the Eternal Lands Wiki:

  • By editing pages, correcting them, enhancing them or even creating completely new contents, since this is a Wiki, this is the most important kind of support, details on how to contribute can be found on the Main Page and the page About the Eternal Lands Wiki.
  • Financial support to cover the costs of hosting the site, the remainder of this page explains the details of this aspect.


There are currently two items that cost money associated with hosting the wiki

  • the actual hosting, which is done over a multi-domain account of Krrick of Riva, the wiki will most likely consume the major part of the bandwidth. I'll update this once we gathered some statistics on this. The monthly costs associated with this are to be put here once I talk to Krrick (around 6-8 USD/month I think). Edit by Krrick: The actual cost of hosting is US$7.77/month. This is extremely low cost hosting and hopefully I will be able to keep this plan for the forseeable future.
  • the registration of the domain, this is being done by Ermabwed of GWaR, total yearly cost of this item being 6 euro.


Use the button "Make a donation" below to send a financial contribution to the wiki. The list of contributors will be updated with your in game name (or stay anonymous if you wish), the amount and the date of your contribution.

Frequently Asked Questions[edit]

Actually, I am not sure if those are actually frequently asked, but maybe you'd like to know anyways.


  • to help defray the costs associated with hosting the wiki.
  • to defray the cost to own the URL
  • and thus to ensure that the wiki is here tomorrow

Who has donated[edit]

donations in 2009[edit]

pre 2009 donations[edit]

Please note that the comments below apply to the old site at

  • Setec of TECH - Generously donated operating funds
  • Audhilde of FoCW - hardware donation of a UPS that will help prevent data losses that have occurred in the past due to improper shutdown from lack of electricity.
  • Bob48 - Generously donated operating funds - a repeat donor