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Welcome to the New Mirror of the Eternal Lands Wiki, a wiki for the MMORPG Eternal Lands. This wiki is maintained and enhanced by players of Eternal Lands and was originally started in 2006 by the Fellowship of the Celtic Woods (FoCW), and taken over by Ermabwed a few years later. Due to an upgrade of that server, the wiki stopped functioning correctly in March of 2020. Thanks to a herculean effort by VinoVeritas, we now once again have a functioning wiki. Links to the forum still link to the original wiki forum, which was also corrupted. A workaround was provided by burn, see below. Since no database access was available, usernames and passwords could not be transferred. This is currently still a work in progress.

For now, please contact Maxine if you have issues or questions.


  • This wiki is not officially sponsored, supported, or sanctioned by the Eternal Lands or any of their staff.
  • You are allowed to post the root URL ( in official chat channels in the game. However, do not post pages containing spoilers. Posting general info such as links on how to make various items is OK.
  • Game secrets and spoilers do not belong in the wiki. They go in the forum and are not visible unless you have a username and password. New usernames and passwords cannot be created on the old forum!
  • Before registering to edit pages and/or access the forum, see the "Read before registering" section below.

As the game is ever-changing, this wiki is always in need of being updated, corrected, and enhanced. In short, your editing contributions are appreciated! There's also a way of contributing financially, the details of which can be found on the site support page.

If you experience problems like missing images/functionality or general problems, please send an e-mail to techsto[at]planet[dot]nl.



Read before registering

  • You must create an account with the wiki to edit pages.
  • Your account name MUST be your character's name in Eternal Lands, and it must be activated by an el-wiki bureaucrat before you can edit pages. Your account will not be activated if your character's name does not exist in Eternal Lands.
  • You can create an account by clicking "Log in / create account" in the top right corner of any el-wiki page.
  • To have your account activated, you can either contact a user with bureaucrat rights or send an e-mail to techsto[at]planet[dot]nl (please check for notices on the Talk page).
  • Currently active bureaucrats are VinoVeritas and Maxine. Send either of them a message in EL, e.g. via Mercator (bot in EL).
  • Please read the editing help before making your first edits to the wiki.
  • The most important thing for a wiki are cross-links between pages. If a page is not linked to by any other pages, it effectively doesn't exist, so please add links to all relevant pages.
  • Before adding secret information from the game, please read the editing help on how to handle secrets carefully!
  • To add secret information from the game, you must create a forum account as stated in How to Handle Secrets. See the "forum access" section below. Your forum account is separate from your wiki account.

Forum access

  • Game secrets and other information, such as most Quests, are not visible unless you have an account on the old forum.
  • Your account name MUST be your character's name in Eternal Lands, and it must be activated by a forum moderator before you can log in. Your account will not be activated if your character's name does not exist in Eternal Lands. (see forum:567)
  • Your forum account is separate from your wiki account.

Searching the wiki

If your browser supports OpenSearch (Firefox and IE do) you can add "Eternal Lands Wiki (en)" as a search engine to your browser and search the wiki using your browser's search box.

Your browser should provide an easy way to switch search engines (Firefox has a drop down menu right next to the search input field) and should provide an option to add a new search engine in the same place (again, Firefox does this, if IE is different please add the appropriate information here).

Request for Admins

Wanted: People interested in doing administrative duties on the wiki. Payment - a sense of accomplishing something for the public good. Contact techsto[at]planet[dot]nl via email.

Duties include: Verifying that the name registered is a true player of Eternal Lands (<USERNAME>) then setting up the privileges (non-el if not an existing character, editor if an existing character).

Issues with the Old Wiki Forum User Interface

The wiki forum layout of the original forum is messed up, but you can log in and then access information, e.g. on quests.

Burn has provided a workaround for issues with the wiki forum, see

--Maxine 9 Aug 2021