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Emoticons are chains of characters to express a mood or a feeling. There is only a limited number of characters allowed in Eternal Lands. These characters are knows as ASCII.


Read left to right[edit]

Emoticon Meaning
:) :-) =) happy , happier, very happy
;) blinking eye with a smile
:D :-D =D loud laughing
:o :O surprised
:( :< unhappy
:> smirking
;( :'( sad with tears
:/ sad - sulking
>:/ disappointed
:p :P sticking tongue out
;p playfulness - joking around
xD scream with laugher
>:D evil laugh
:9 drool inducing
0:) A person with a halo, implying he or she can do no wrong

Kaomoji Emoticons[edit]

Emoticon Meaning
^^ winking with eyebrows
^^ cheerful smile
^_^; being ashamed
>_> >.> eyes in corner - suspicious
o.O o.0 dumb face - confusion
o.o blank stare
>_< >.< frustrated
-_- eyes closed - bored
x.x swooning
\o/ both arms up - victory
/o\ hands over head - silent scream for omg!
o/ 0/ waving arms
o/\o/ high five
o/'\o/ toast
\ô/ time to party
ooooOOOO never ending astonishment

Read right to left[edit]

Emoticon Meaning
<3 to love so. or sth.