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PK Server

General Information[edit]

PK (Player killing) server an Eternal Lands MMORPG server dedicated to PKing.

The PK server lets you attack any other player in every map, unlike the Main server which has only a few maps entirely for PK. However, there are a few safe maps, like inside city walls, the underworld, or the starting map, Isla Prima.

The PK server is Pay-to-Play (P2P), and it costs 5$ per account there. It is a one time fee, with no reoccuring fees.

PK server rules[edit]

  • Don't macro.
  • Don't be really nasty (especially on channels).
  • No unapproved clients.
  • Don't try to hax people.
  • Multiplaying is OK. All alts must be paid for (5$ per character).
  • You can go off topic on the channels, unless until there are like 100+ players playing at once.
  • More permissive language.

Community Rules[edit]

  • None Shall PK during Spawned Invasions;
  • None shall use Excessive vulgarity in channel 1. If you are asked to stop the vulgarity by anyone consider it a community warning.

Name change Rules[edit]

Name changing is limited to 1 character name change per month.

PK server shop[edit]

Items available from shop (minimum order 5$, new accounts are limited to 100$/mo):

All wearable items are also available, see here.

Services available from shop:

  • PK server account - 5$/character OR Rostogol Stone on main server (PM Radu for more information)
  • P2P race (lifetime only) - 50$
  • Name change - 10$ (limited to one name change/month per character)
  • Exchange of Grapes for Oranges (1:1) available for free with other shop purchase

For payment information, visit Eternal Lands Shop.

PK server NPCs and Bots[edit]

Sarmisegetuza - owned by Jeff guild

Burebista - owned by PAX guild

Bot Search on el-services

Canned is the only active bot right now.


Here's a list of differences between the Main server and PK server:

  • You can attack other players on every map.
  • Attack and Defence skills are capped to level 100.
  • There is no experience from Player-versus-Player (PvP).
  • No cooldown for items, but cooldown for food and potions is 1 second.
  • NPCs Horea and Crisan are removed.

Safe areas[edit]

Apart from the underworld and Isla Prima, there are other places that are safe, i.e. you can not attack or be attacked there by other players:



Note: Players are still scounting the lands for more information. If you are unsure if the area is PK or not, attack yourself, and the message provided will tell you.

Information gathered by PK server players.