Valley of the Dwarves

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Valley of the Dwarves

Map overview[edit]

Valley of the Dwarves, also known as VOTD (see Acronyms), is a very popular place to access storage even though you can't manufacture close to storage. It is close to the Kilaran Field (KF) PK fighting grounds and has many low level monsters so you often find lots of people close to storage. VOTD storage is the fastest one can reach from Isla Prima so wins from events are paid here and people often trade and offer goods in local chat. For many, VOTD is home. It is so popular that trade bots are not allowed here - instead one has to go south to Nordcarn, east to Tarsengaard or take the boat to Desert Pines to find tradebots. One of the popular places is the flower shop where young adventurers sell lilacs they have picked to earn gold.


No bots are allowed. There was one informational one but it is gone.

NPCs and Stores[edit]

  • Erokin - stands guard outside the gold mine - [17,27]
  • Jandir - Blacksmith inside flower shop - [33,139]
  • Lavinia - Flower shop keeper - [33,139]
  • Michael - General store keeper - [86,138]
  • Molgor - Storage - [43,124]
  • Nolida - organizer of the Dwarf Miners' Union - [33,161]
  • Valeria - Moonshadow tavern keeper - [88,124]
  • Elle - Genome farmer in corn patch - [124,161]




Secret spots[edit]

Internal Maps[edit]

Exits to[edit]

This map has exits to the following maps:

By Land
Kilaran Field (PK) - [11,124]
Nordcarn - [71,9]
Tarsengaard - [159,146]
By Boat
Desert Pines - [77,166]