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Map overview[edit]

Trassian is really two maps:

  • Trassian, a L-shaped map which consists of a number of buildings and igloos (2 large and 2 small). It is mostly unoccupied except for the Tavern. It contains 2 working fire pits with wood logs next to it. This is very useful for the snow leopards and polar bears will provide much meat to cook. It has a Blue Quartz mine and several secret mines.
  • Dra Syn, a closed Draegoni city, accessible only via Wizard Passage (this requires a quest) or several secret, back doors known only to Draegoni. Dra Syn is built both above and below ground requiring a convoluted path to get anywhere. The ability to perform Teleport to Range Spell will help in some cases to shorten your trip. Deepstone Caverns is one part of Dra Syn, Saret's Cave is another part.

NPCs and Stores[edit]

  • Cindy - keeper of the Icy Sheath Tavern
  • Quello An ancient Draegoni who will require a favor to get free access to the Wizard's Passage into the city is found in cave in southwest corner of the map.




Secret spots[edit]

Internal Maps[edit]

Exits to[edit]

This map has exits to the following maps:

By Land
Glacmor - [7,169]
Hulda (PK) - [182,138]
Iscalrith - [48,181]