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The purpose of this article is to gather a collection of advanced topics concerning Eternal Lands. There's only so much that is really obvious, the really good tricks are discovered when people play and invest time in a game: they come up with really neat strategies and best practices. If you have anything you think belongs in here, add it. (LMB - Left mouse button, RMB - Right mouse button).

  • If you have the EMU, carry wine, some spare empty vials and blue lupines if they are not native to area you are going. Rather than having the potions of mana taking multiple inventory spots, it takes only three and you have a large amount of mana for recharging at minimal costs.
  • Drink potions of mana and reasoning at start of minute when making items which require small mix time. You will get boosted experience for each item created.
  • Use magic immunity in invasions and PK to avoid being hit by creature special effects like mana burn/cooldown. It hurts when 30 Grizzly Bears are thrown at you during an invasion, destroying your ability to cast anything.
  • Use ctrl-RMB to do a "forced walk"; you can walk anywhere without the danger of attacking/harvesting by accident. This is very useful if you have lots of summons around, or want to avoid attacking creatures/players.
  • You can use alt-LMB to attack something (the cursor will automatically change to the "attack" icon). This does not work when using a window manager like windowmaker (it uses keyboard shortcuts with the alt key for it's own purposes).
  • Use the minimap while training fighting (alt-M), it makes finding your spawn much easier. You can also "auto-flee" if you activate the map-walking by clicking somewhere on the minimap. If this is more efficient than manually clicking, I am not sure.
  • According to Entropy, fleeing by pressing the Home key is "not the right way to do it". Clicking on different ground tiles nearby seems to work better, too.

Make the most of #days[edit]

Special days can have very special benefits, which might not be that obvious at first glance ...

  • Peace day: No combat allowed. This means you can either do safe hydro ore runs without being pestered by PKers or Fluffies. Or you can use the 1 cooldown feature of the old-school PK maps (currently Tahraji Desert). Additional good spots are the Nordcarn north cave (usually PK, a good spot for iron ore). But beware: peace day does not affect landmines, and fighters/PKers tend to get bored on this day.
    • Please observe that mines and wards still work in PK maps and that there are players actively using them to "harvest" hydro harvesters etc.
  • Recycling day: great for using your most valuable resources. Make high-level crafting, manufacturing, alchemy stuff (plate armors, CoL's, Hydro bars).
  • Day of No Grief: no items break (in normal combat). This does not save your pickaxes, nor does it shield you from the Branch of Destruction. But it is a nice day to wear all that expensive stuff you definitely never wanted to break, and it opens up the option that you can wear a different cape than the NMT. A mirror cloak for example is an invaluable tool when trying to bring down very hard creatures. Coupled with the option to use a Bronze Sword, this is a good way to bring down hard monsters. When using the Monster Magnetism Cloak, you can use this day to train in places where you normally wouldn't (because of yetis or giants around, for example). It is also a good day to kill creatures like hawks which tend to degrade or break equipment. This day is safe for you to use Medallion of Life in combat, but change it after HP's wear off for a moon medallion which has better stats (+4 armour and accuracy instead of +2).