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Muse of Galienne, the goddess of tailoring, in Nordcarn at [18,96]. The muses are an order of travelling clerics that spread the word of Galienne. Enora, herself, is an elven lady from Willowvine Forest who was inspired to come to Seridia after reading a news article written by Lynette. She has seen great potential for tailoring in Jade, Gemma, and Chanel, the royal tailor of Lady Luxin.

Enora says that in Glacmor, the home of Gailenne, you will not receive damage from the cold like you would in Hulda, Iscalrith, or Irinveron. She mentions Tyra and Sergio, the priests of Galienne that reside in the temple in Glacmor. Enora has a yellow aura from being blessed by Galienne and offers to help if you ever need to read an aura.