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Rabenoen is a shipwright (ship builder) standing in the shipyard in Grubani Peninsula at [134,260]. She is looking for a weather stripper to help her finish building the ships that were commissioned by Fat Lou. Unfortunately, Fat Lou is completely unfamiliar with ship construction and often sends her male erotic dancers instead of someone to apply weatherstripping to the ships' hulls.

She is an adopted orphan elf whose mother died while saving her from a shipwreck. Unlike most elves, Rabenoen had a penchant for woodworking, and she became an apprentice of the master shipwright, Pequod. When Pequod died, he left his shipyard in Grubani to her. She is friends with Iluwen, the harbormaster in Omlinor, and says that ships have to be living guardians of the people that inhabit and care for them.