Artificial Nexus

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  • The Artificial Nexus limits the kind of armor and weapons you can manufacture.
  • The Artificial Nexus limits the kind of magic items you can craft.
  • The higher the nexus, the better the equipment you can make.
  • Artificial nexus can be increased by purchase from the Wraith on Isla Prima for 1 pickpoint or for 50 Hydrogenium Bars from Costel in Port Anitora.
  • Artificial nexus can be removed by Artificial Nexus Removal Stones one by one, or by using the #reset command (note: this resets everything else related to pickpoints and overall level as well!).

Note: Items with * require more than one nexus; the * links to the other required nexus.

Artificial 0[edit]
No Artificial Nexus Required
Manufacturing Engineering
Warm Fur Gloves Skunk hat Ashes
Fox Scarf Racoon hat Rope
Fur Hat Leather Gloves Nail
Fur Cloak

Artificial 1[edit]
Artificial Nexus 1
Manufacturing Crafting Engineering
Padded Leather Armor Gold Medallion Blackpowder
Leather Pants Silver Medallion Caltrop
Leather Boots Medallion Mold Poisoned Caltrop
Augmented Leather Armor Gold Ring Saltpeter
Augmented Leather Pants Silver Ring Snare
Fur Boots Ring Mold
Mortar & Pestle Thread
Empty Vial
Artificial 2[edit]
Artificial Nexus 2
Manufacturing Crafting Engineering
Leather Helm Polished Ruby Accuracy/Magic Indicator
Fur Torso Polished Emerald A/D Indicator
Fur Pants Polished Sapphire Criticals Indicator
Iron Chain Mail Harvest/Degrade Indicator
Iron Shield Make Rare/Fail Indicator
Steel Shield Pking arrows
Titanium Shield Pking bolts
Iron Sword Fire arrows
Iron Broad Sword Ice arrows
Magic arrows
Artificial 3[edit]
Artificial Nexus 3
Manufacturing Crafting Engineering
Iron Helm Polished Diamond Moon Medallion * Arrow/bolt head
Steel Helm Ring of Isla Prima * Stars Medallion * Lightmeter
Steel Chain Mail Ring of Desert Pines * Sun Medallion * Fire bolts
Steel Long Sword Ring of Naralik * Unicorn Medallion * Magic bolts
Steel Two Edged Sword Ring of Portland * Ring of Damage *
Frying Pan Ring of Valley of the Dwarves * Ring of Disengagement *
Alembic Ring of White Stone * Quill and ink
Vial Mold Blank paper
Artificial 4[edit]
Artificial Nexus 4
Manufacturing Crafting Engineering
Iron Cuisses Ring of Morcraven Marsh * Ring of Kusamura * Small Mine
Steel Cuisses Ring of Anitora * Ring of Palon Vertas * Medium Mine
Iron Greaves Ring of Bethel * Ring of Sedicolis * High Explosive Mine
Steel Greaves Ring of Idaloran * Ring of Trassian * RC Mine
Iron Sword of Fire * Ring of Egratia * Ring of SRM * Invisibility Removal Ward
Iron Broad Sword of Fire * Ring of Emerald Valley * Ring of Melinis * Mana Drain Ward
Iron Broad Sword of Ice * Ring of Glacmor * Ring of Mana Destruction * Mana Burn Ward
Titanium Short Sword Ring of Hulda * Ring of Power * MI Removal Ward
Ring of Hurquin * Harvester Medallion * Invasionmeter
Ring of Imbroglio Islands * Heavenspawn Medallion * Point Defense
Ring of Irinveron * Gatherer Medallion * Ice bolts
Ring of Iscarlith * Medallion of Life *
Ring of Isle of the Forgotten * Medallion of Mana *
Enhanced Iron Plate Mail * Enhanced Iron Cuisses *
Enhanced Iron Greaves *
Artificial 5[edit]
Artificial Nexus 5
Manufacturing Crafting Engineering
Bronze Helm Iron Axe Crown of Life * RC Mine Detonator
Bronze Cuisses Steel Axe Crown of Mana *
Bronze Greaves Titanium Axe Ring of Massive Mana Destruction *
Iron Plate Mail Steel Long Sword of Fire * Enhanced Unicorn Medallion *
Titanium Chain Mail Steel Long Sword of Ice * Enhanced Sun Medallion *
Titanium Helm Steel Long Sword of Magic *
Titanium Cuisses Steel Two Edged Sword of Fire *
Titanium Greaves Steel Two Edged Sword of Ice *
Titanium Long Sword Steel Two Edged Sword of Magic *
Titanium Serpent Sword Steel Two Edged Sword of Thermal *
Artificial 6[edit]
Artificial Nexus 6
Bronze Sword Dragon Blade Black Dragon Helm Ice Dragon Helm
Cutlass Halberd Black Dragon Mail Ice Dragon Mail
Eagle Wing Spear Black Dragon Cuisses Ice Dragon Cuisses
Emerald Claymore Radioactive Titanium Long Sword Black Dragon Greaves Ice Dragon Greaves
Jagged Saber Radioactive Rapier Red Dragon Helm Blue Dragon Helm
Orc Slayer Steel Plate Mail Red Dragon Mail Blue Dragon Mail
Rapier Titanium Plate Mail Red Dragon Cuisses Blue Dragon Cuisses
Sunbreaker Bronze Plate Mail Red Dragon Greaves Blue Dragon Greaves
Bronze Shield Blue Dragon Shield
Artificial 7[edit]
Artificial Nexus 7
Crafting Engineering
Arrow/bolt head mold Saving Stone * Night Visor