Fast Regeneration Perk

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  • You gain an addition two Material and Ethereal points every minute.


  • 3 Pick Points
  • 100 Gold Coins.


  • This perk can be removed with a stone (Fast Regeneration removal stones), which will return your pickpoints but not the gold coins.
  • The Fast regeneration removal stones can be found as rare drops on invasion monsters.
  • Perk removal stones are also available for 25 USD from the EL Shop

Other notes[edit]

  • This effect does not stack with Healing Day (Aluwen's birthday), the special day that increases Material Points regeneration, but does stack with the secret areas that increase regeneration rates.
  • You can obtain the effect of this perk by wearing a Fast Regeneration Cape.
  • You can't wear the white Fast Regeneration Cape, if you have this perk.