Powerhungry Perk

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  • Instead of losing 1 food point every minute, you lose 3.


  • This perk can be removed with a Powerhungry perk removal stone - added 20 October 2011), however you must have free PP in order to use the stone.
  • This stone can only be purchased from the EL shop for 25 USD.


  • -3 Pick Points

Other notes[edit]

  • You cannot take both the Powerhungry and Powersaving perks.
  • Performing some skills, such as harvesting high-level plants, also consumes food. This loss is in addition to the normal food cost per minute.
  • The Powersaving Cloak will still work. If equipped, no food is deducted so long as you are not harvesting, reading, or regenerating (Material, Ethereal or Action Points).