Lady Celeste

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Stealthy telepath standing northwest of the shipyard in Grubani Peninsula at [99,271]. She has a phenomenal telepathic sense and camouflage ability and, therefore, has become an outstanding tracker, monster hunter, and guide. Her full name is Carmen Elizabeth Luella Eunice Stephanie Theresa Emmanuelle, or "Celeste" for short, and her father is a nobleman in White Stone City.

She talks about Thor, an orchan man hiding in the WSC sewers who has been charged with the murder of Sir Calaway, the cousin and advisor of Lord Luxin. She says that Sir Calaway took bribes from people wishing to influence Lord Luxin and that the murderer must have been motivated by outrage against this corruption. She believes that Thor is innocent and says that Lord Luxin forced Antigone to speed up the judicial process.

She feels safer in Grubani than in the noble court of WSC because the people and creatures that inhabit Grubani, however agressive, are direct and honest in their motivations, citing trolls and Throvnc's tribe specifically. She was inspired to come to Grubani after reading a story about a hero from White Stone named Kalenthro. She plans to stay in Grubani because the WSC nobles will not come there.

She describes Grubani as a boot-shaped peninsula that juts out into the Ghealan Sea.