White Stone Castle and Sewers

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White Stone

Map overview[edit]

This internal map contains the White Stone Castle and the city sewers as well as the schools of Portland and the Ruins of Tirnym.

White Stone Castle[edit]



Apparently, the castle is full of secrets. Find them, and post them on the forums.

Exits to[edit]

White Stone Sewers[edit]

Beware; the sewage is poisonous. It takes 1 or 5 material points for each step you take, depending on how deep the sewage is. Bring items to heal yourself and maybe a Fast Regeneration Cape with food, too.

NPCs and Stores[edit]

  • Gwen - Chief engineer of Lord Luxin in a room connecting the castle to the sewers - [360,233]
  • Thor - Orchan fugitive accused with murdering Sir Calaway - [285,338]


Exits to[edit]

  • Clark's magic shop in Portland - [290,313]
  • Steamy sewer grates in White Stone City:
    • [9,597]
    • [157,734]
    • [198,635]
    • [72,693]
    • [121,616]
  • White Stone Castle - [356,268]