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Other-Life Logo By sMooMs

General Information[edit]

Other-Life is a deviant of Eternal Lands developed by Learner, who has and still does, a lot of the coding for EL. The entire game is community driven and focused on trying to make it what we think EL could have been. The community is extremely friendly and has a very varied skill set and opinions, leading to some interesting conversations and debates. In short it's a fun loving server building itself.

Other-Life is Free To Play and is heavily under beta development, with player's voting in all major updates. This ranges from deciding some of the rules, updates such as magic, range, etc., what gets removed and even the statuses of some players (such as Invasion Masters, or IMs).


  1. Use your common sense, until the community decides be conservative about what will or wont be allowed.
  2. Keep the channels 'clean' and when possible, on topic. As the community decides and grows this will change as needed.
  3. If you have discussions in channel about game improvements or changes, try to get the ideas into the forums so more people can provide feedback and they doesn't get lost.
  4. What we have is just what we're starting with, things WILL be changing.
  5. Due to spammers, hackers, etc, use of a proxy known to be used for illegal or abusive purposes will not be permitted. Using private proxy systems that have not been abusing the Internet is permitted.
  6. Characters or Alts shall not interact in any way with other characters run by the same player in any way. It is best if you don't even have an Alt at all. This is not limited by IP or who is running the character at the time of the offence. Other players should not assist by being middle men or help or they may be included in punishment. Punishment can include losing all items or all characters!
  7. No gc Sales for RL $'s etc / aka no black market gc sales.

The Most Important are rules 6 & 7, and it's recommended to remember rule 4 all the time. Rules can be changed by the community and are likely to change with the game.


Items available from shop:

  • Clothing
    • This is most tailored clothing and EL Shop Clothing, and is only available for Platinum Coins at the Shop Items NPC in White Stone City. (Will Give Full List Soon - JoeButler 14:11 29 April 2014)
  • Looks/Color Change
    • No Cooldown - $3
      • Only available at the Shop Services NPC in White Stone City, and will automatically boot you from game, start the client back up. Then you to the 'New Character' screen, remake your character. This is different from the current EL system, and doesn't affect your stats.
  • Official Poll Promotion $2-$5
    • Anonymous Poll - $5
    • Named Poll - $2-$4
      • Pay for a Game Change/ Member Change Poll on the forums. Can pay Learner Platinum Coins In Game For It Too.
  • P2P Races
    • Yearly - $20
    • Lifetime - $50
      • Give you the ability to be all 6 races, including 3 that are restricted without payment. Can be bought at the Shop Services NPC and you can update your Yearly to a Lifetime for $30 before it expires. The game automatically strips you of P2P if your Yearly runs out, and when it will expire is displayed in a message when you log on.
  • Platinum Shop Coins
    • Can be bought from bunches of 5+. By 100 worth and you get 5 free. - $1 = 1 Platinum Coin
      • Can be used to buy Shop Items/Services from their respective NPC.
  • Premium Game Access (Membership)
    • Membership - $3
      • Gives you some more Storage slots, channels and buddies at the moment.
  • Soft Reset
    • Soft Reset - $15
      • Resets all your nexus/attributes and gives you all the pick points back (#reset Will Still Remove Everything, Including Pick Points. Has a 30 day cool down.

Platinum Coins Are 1:1 to the US Dollar. They can be used to purchase all services/ items in game. Note: The Orange Image Is Used Where No Item Is Given In Return, But A Service Is Given Automatically By The Game Or Through Learner.


A lot of differences are left to the players to find out. Some are quite blatant, other's far more subtle. Please also notice that a lot of things have been nerfed (like harm) because they are carrying across broken/unbalanced systems. I advice players trying out Other-Life to remember it's in early Beta stage, that things are changing, and it might be worthwhile to have a look every few months ingame, or check the forums for updates. I also advice players not to rely too much on EL knowledge, because this has lead to people getting in unfavourable situations and caused some very weird and unpleasant arguments --JoeButler 15:40, 1 May 2014 (CEST)

General Changes[edit]

  • Other Life has no Continent 2 (C2).
  • Other Life has bonus experience at the end of a creature kill called a "Bonus Kill".
  • Other Life has very few quests (for the time being)
  • Other Life's skill system is being reworked. Major rework is being done to the skills of Engineering, Magic, Ranging & Summoning (Level up at your own risk!!!)
  • Some of Other Life's items are been removed but may be available in the future.
  • No Rostogol Stones
  • Other Life have items that are not currently available in Eternal Lands.
  • Other Life has "Boss Mobs" in invasions. They are slightly bigger than their counterpart with more health, damage, better stats & sometimes with a unique name.
  • The experience rate of mixing skills have been increased slightly for Potions & Manufacturing the higher the item make is.
  • A "soft reset" is available for purchase for 15 Platinum Coins. This lets you re-distribute ALL of your pickpoints straight away without having to do a #reset and level back up your Overall Level.
  • The attribute "Matter" is X6 instead of X5. This allows your health to be increased by 6HP instead of 5HP.
  • EMU is increased 2.5 for every overall level you have.
  • Mini harvesting events have been disable.
  • Only creatures of C1 residence are ingame (with the exception of some creatures that are spawned in an invasion by the Invasion Master. Feros, Lions, Panda and Polar Bears have appeared a fair number of times.)
  • All perks disabled.
  • Creatures regenerate 1HP/m except for some, which generate 3HP/m. Invasion Monsters can regenerate large numbers, with some regaining over 100HP/m
  • Astrology removed.
  • Dailies, Invances & Instances removed (for now).
  • If you die in Kilaran Field (KF), 25% chance an item will drop.
  • Guild's are 240Kgc to create.
  • You gain 1.8 pickpoints for every overall level you have.
  • Brand new attribute-system, based off the old Cross Attributes. Refer to Other-Life Forums.
  • Shop Services and Items are available.
  • Mercury bags spawn in Kilaran Field (KF)
  • Creature drops are different. Find out for yourself to discover these new drops!
  • Joker broadcasts hints to find him.
  • Joker can spawn anywhere
  • Joker gives out ANY item. Some that are the best in the game. or exclusive to him!
  • A mini-game called TAG. If your tagged (your name will be highlighted in purple) you find another player and use the finger/pointy icon on them to 'tag' them.
  • When mixing, you don't need to have EMU left over to mix an item, but can have a full EMU of ingredients, and the product will replace ingredients lost, rather than needing the space for the product.
  • After completing Wine/Leather Quests, you can buy bulk from any general storage instead of running to Morcraven Marsh (MM) each time.
  • #sto doesn't interrupt harvesting!
  • Viewing your/other peoples achievements doesn't
  • Most NPC will give you the option to buy as much as you can afford/carry in a single transaction.

Other-Life Maps[edit]

Maps In Other-Life From Eternal Lands - Seridia[edit]

New Maps Exclusive To Other-Life - Alroth[edit]

  • Aldath (AD)
  • Alkh-Edune (AE)
  • Braigor (BG)
  • Drakensbane (DB)
  • Glingor (GL)
  • Lothend (LD)
  • Morog (MG)
  • Ravens Island (RI)
  • Rhoelind (RL)
  • Thalendale (TH)
  • Zerimor (ZM)

Each of these maps is are not square, and are part of a coordinated effort.

Map Edits[edit]

  • Valley Of The Dwarves Map Glitches (Such As A Floating Rock, And A Triangle Of Missing Ground) Patched Up
  • White Stone has a new port where a new port has been added by the old C2 entrance (shortcut by boat to the right of Isla Prima boat when the Desert Pines boat is to the left.

The Community Also Has A Few Maps Under Work And New Maps Are Welcome Within the Coordinated Project.

Some maps currently underway or partway finished include:

  • Anaith Fallora
  • Easter Warren
  • The Flying Citadel
  • The Isle of Life
  • Mystic Haven
  • Graven Notch (Oakheart)
  • + Others

These and all the maps listed as unique to OL are part of the coordinated map project of 58 maps

Test Server[edit]

Connect to it in the same way as you connect to the Eternal Lands PK Server or Test Server.

# server.lst - Server list configuration file
# Note: Any amount of whitespace is allowed and # marks a comment from that point until
#       the end of the line
# ID            Config Dir      Address                 Port    Description (to be used for server selection window)
main		other-life      game.other-life.com     443     Other-life (port 443)
main-2000       other-life      game.other-life.com     2000    Other-life (port 2000)
test            test            test.other-life.com     2000    Test server

REMEMBER: That Test Server copy to test server is FREE and already done with all registered characters. Unlike Eternal Lands to copy a character to test server, OL is free. The server can usually be used to test new builds, with a FREE Soft Reset option on the Shop Services NPC. It can also let you test yourself against Invasions by also fix spawning them from said NPC. This is not available on the main server. The test server is also commonly used to test new maps.